Our Editing Services


At RDP Editorial Consulting Inc. we are highly experienced in editing for non-native English speaking (ESL) authors. You will find that well written, organized and cogently expressed documents fare better in the peer review process. Documents will be edited and polished for organization, appropriate English usage including grammar, punctuation and capitalization and checked for adherence to journal, proposal or other guidelines.

Subject areas with which we have experience span the following: molecular, cell and animal research, clinical trials, clinical studies, translational research, epidemiologic research and social sciences. Disciplines span: medicine, nursing, physiology, microbiology, psychology, bioengineering, psychiatry, neuroscience, social work, oncology, biostatistics, orthopaedics, aging, mental health/mental illness, neurologic disorders and much more.


Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Grants
    • editing, writing, project management
    • individual investigator, training and multi-investigator proposals
  • Manuscripts
    • before submission, at revision or copypedit stage, and point by point rebuttals
  • Dissertations
    • Doctoral or Master's level theses, capstone projects
  • Literature Searches and Distillation
  • White Papers
  • LCME Databases
    • for accreditation
  • Book Chapters
  • Clinical Study Protocols
    • pharmaceutical or academic research